Plaster Ceiling Repair in Wheeler Army Airfield, HI

In my opinion, when it comes to home decoration there isn't anything more beautiful than plastered walls and ceilings handsomely finished and tastefully painted.

For centuries plaster has been the choice for interior walls and ceilings. Over the millenniums some of most well known homes, buildings and even castles have been adorned with plaster.

However, after World War II many architects and builders switched from using plaster for their interior walls and ceilings and began using drywall panels, and today over 95% of all residential and commercial structures that are built use drywall, or as it is more commonly known "sheetrock", which is actually a trade name for USG gypsum, a company that manufactures drywall panels and many related products.

But there are still a few good souls who prefer plaster over drywall...any day. plaster ceiling repair in Wheeler Army Airfield, HI. plaster ceiling repair in Wheeler Army Airfield, HI. Although the cost of having plaster installed is quite expensive in comparison to drywall, yet the richness and graciousness of plastered walls masterfully finished has no parallel. The beauty of it all is just breathtaking to say the least.

It is a well known fact that plaster is rigid and inelastic, thereby creating problems that can show up in the form of cracks, mapping lines, crevices and even large holes.

But for many homeowners who have plastered walls and ceilings this is no reason to push the panic button. Plaster repairs are within the skill level of most homeowners, both men and women alike. In most cases superficial problems like stress lines, small holes and even cracks can be successfully repaired by a novice. But more serious problems should be left to a qualified plastering contractor that has the experience and expertise to rectify your problems.

This article was written to provide the young novice with the information needed to fix and repair cosmetic problems with their plaster walls and ceilings; all the while beautifying and enhancing their home, and not to mention potentially saving a great deal of money too. Learn More

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